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Stacco House

by Mammamia

Our journey

In the summer of 2016, everything started with Lucio Romani and Stefano Gangitano opening a little gelato stand on the Monon outside of Chef Lucio’s restaurant, Ristorante Roma.

In the summer of 2017 we opened our current location at 834 W. Main Street in Carmel! Then we could be open all year round!

The gelateria is where time seemed to slow down from everyone's crazy schedule so they could come enjoy authentic Italian gelato and each other's company.

Ribbon cutting with Mayor Brainard!

We had board games to play and a take one leave one library to enjoy.

When Mammamia Gelato opened, Christine Jourdan, joined forces with Stefano and Lucio to create a unique and authentic gelateria where everyone could enjoy coffee, pastries, and handmade gelato.

In the spring of 2020, Covid hit, and it was time for the little gelato shop to pivot. We posted all of our gelato flavors to the front window. Customers were able to call ahead or order from the front door where a table was set up to pickup and pay.

We really had to figure out how to make this work without losing our gelateria that we have worked so tirelessly to create and build.

After plenty of thought and collaboration with other business owners, we decided to transform the gelato shop into a larger concept store, to feature Italian foods and specialty items.

To close Mammamia Gelato was bittersweet to say the least.

Lucio Romani and Christine Jourdan, closing our doors on the last day.

NOW FALL 2020:
Stacco House by Mammamia is born in the same location of Mammamia Gelato!

Stacco House by Mammamia is in loving memory of Lucio's father. In Italy all of Riccardo's friends referred to him as "Stacco." The meaning of Stacco in his father's dialect directly translates to "a horse that is young, strong, and healthy." Then when referring to a person it means that they are very beautiful or handsome. Above: Matilde (Lucio's mom, Lucio, Riccardo (Stacco) Romani (Lucio's father)

Our vision is to create a space like the little bakeries and shops sprinkled all over Italy with their interiors lined with sweet and savory items.

Our shop will have sandwiches, meatballs, lasagna, pastries, breads, coffee, handmade gelato, wine, olive oils, truffle oils, specialty meats, cheese, and so much more!

We have teamed up with a few local and family owned companies to share their passions with you in our store as well. Check out some of our in store items.

Now we can provide the community with real Italian items that are either hard to find or even impossible to find!

To connect and grow with the community always providing outstanding quality, value, and customer happiness.

To create a space where you will be inspired to build your knowledge and your meal with beautiful Italian foods, gelato, pastries, wine, and other specialty Italian products.